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I have to say my reading with Cheryl tonight was absolutely incredible!! Cheryl can tap into your energy and other people's energy as if she has known you all of her life. I can say that everything she said about myself, my life, and my personal relationships was 100% accurate. I received complete clarification on all of the issues that I brought up to her. She is an amazingly gifted intuitive and I HIGHLY recommend her services, especially if you are at a crossroads in your life. Ingrid Gallego

Fantastic! I highly recommend Cheryl Andary. Best reading ever! Donna Toomer

She's great. She was saying things to me that I didn't tell her - she's definitely psychic. The whole reading was really accurate and I loved it. What I liked most was that she showed me ways to fix things that weren't working and they were little simple and easy to do things. I just didn't know about them and these little things made really big improvements in my life and in my love life too. I will keep on getting her advice. I highly recommend her. Marvelous! Rick Crevet

Very accurate & kind-hearted. Really really GOOD! We discussed personal things about my very odd relationship situation. Cheryl was completely understanding & wasn't shocked at all. She understood me & got answers about how my partners were feeling & what they needed. She offered solutions that I hadn't though of, and she helped show me how to deliver them so they would be received well. Worked like a charm! We've talked many times & will definitely continue. Cheryl is a GREAT help! A+ Jennifer McCormick

I had my first reading with Cheryl today. She is kind, compassionate, and so truthful. Her feelings are 100% accurate. I went from being a nervous wreck to calm and at peace in 30 seconds. I highly recommend her!posted on Jan 25, 2014 by Jessica McKayThought maybe the first reading was a fluke, it was the advice I needed, and after giving it a while it all panned out, just the way she said it would. Called her again, wanting help on a move, told me to stay put, a better opportunity was coming, it did, I'm so glad to have found Cheryl and thank her for her wisdom! Connie Haegens

Thanks Cheryl for all your readings. They have given me so many aha moments as well as hope and guidance. Every time you do a reading for me I become more and more amazed at how gifted you are... You truly are the best! Marianne Ferenczy

​I have received numerous readings from Cheryl Andary. I love each and every one of them. She is a very gifted and caring Psychic. Her insight is offered with precision, honesty and kindness. It always amazes me at how 'bang on' she is. I will be asking Cheryl for another reading in the not too distant future. Many thanks Cheryl! May the Angels always be with you... Shirley Tilden


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The transformation has happened many times – people who came full of doubt and uncertainty have become secure in the knowledge of their rightful place in this world. The change may start slowly – in a private angel reading or  a reiki and angel help healing session. Once transformation, growth and understanding begin, they pick up speed. The time spent understanding yourself, why you're here, which step to take next – all bring you closer to your highest calling. Your higher calling is living a life of peace, love, and happiness. It's being able to fall asleep or sit quietly without the mind racing, it's feeling good about your life and who you are, it's finding success in work, love, finances, health, it's feeling better physically, emotionally and spirituality.

Take the first step toward personal renewal and understanding your relationships and your life's purpose. Call for a personal reading or help healing today!  226-346-3460

Cheryl Andary angel readings, Cheryl Andary psychic readings, Cheryl Andary tarot readings - all life-improving opportunities for you! . P

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